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From frame repairs, axle repairs, pipe repairs, engine rebuilding, crank work, cylinder repair, to a complete rolling chassis race ready, we can accommodate all your racing needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call us anytime at 1-610-926-9876.

2014 Catalogs have arrived and will be mailed out by the end of this week.  If you are in the area stop in and grab your catalog today.

For those getting their schedules together our practice day will be Saturday March 29th at Lindas Speedway.  More info will come in the mail as we get closer to those of you that we know have cars.  As always all of our employees will be on hand to offer assistance throughout the day.

2013 Point Champions

  • Dave Hawkins
    Marion Center Speedway - 270
  • Bill Thomas
    Bridgeport Speedway - 600cc
  • Richie Hartman
    Lanco Speedway - 125cc
  • Jason Swavely
    Lanco Speedway - Sportsman
  • Chip Geib
    Lanco Speedway - 4 Stroke
  • Jenna Weidner
    Hamlin Speedway - 270cc Rookie
  • Eddie Strada
    Hamlin Speedway - 600cc
  • Pat Bealer
    Hamlin Speedway - 270cc
  • Kenny Murray
    Lindas Speedway - 125cc
  • TJ Greve
    Airport Speedway - 125cc
  • Alex Swift
    Airport Speedway - 250 Stock
  • Rob Pajauis
    Greenwood Valley Action Track - 270cc
  • Ross Perchak
    Action Track USA - 270cc
  • Ryan McAndrew
    Path Valley Speedway Park - 270cc
  • Dave Hawkins
    Sportsmans Speedway - 270cc
  • Stone Phillips
    Selinsgrove Raceway Park - 125cc
  • Tim Eakin
    Deerfield Raceway - 270cc
  • Gary Jacobson
    Rockfish Motorsports Park - 270cc
  • Rick Francis
    Limerock Speedway - 270cc
  • Phil Durham
    Airport Speedway - 600cc
  • Ken Andreas
    Airport Speedway - 270cc