Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Terry Schaefferowner/founder of RTS Chassis. Terry runs the daily operation of the machine shop and the 250 frame department. After 24 years building and racing micro sprints, Terry can help you with any problems you may have. You can also find him at Linda’s, Lanco and Kutztown either racing or assisting with the parts trailer.
Theresa SchaefferShe is the boss of the front office. She oversees daily operations, handles accounts payable, purchasing, payroll, counter sales, trailer sales, phone orders, customer service, assists Terry at the track, and is also responsible for anything else that should arise. Being in the sport this long has given her the knowledge to assist you in many areas.
Charlene HubbardIs responsible for accounts receivable and collections. She also handles counter sales, phone orders, customer service, inventory control, and a variety of other tasks and/or projects. If you should have any questions regarding your UPS shipment, she is your contact person and will be happy to assist you.
Kent WeissHis many skills and years of experience enable him to field any technical question you may have concerning handling problems. He manages and keeps our sheet metal department fully stocked, does the majority of the engine rebuilds, and is responsible for the assembly and set-up of new outgoing rolling chassis.
Dennis McKeonIs valuable in assisting with the set-up and operation of the CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Machine, which has become an essential part of the business and necessary to keep the inventory flowing. He also assists in the frame repair department.
Richie HartmanWhen he is in the front office, assists with counter sales and phone orders. He also works in the shop and assists in the assembly process of new outgoing chassis. His racing background enables him to help Terry at the track, handle trailer sales, and a variety of other tasks. You can find Richie racing Friday nights at Linda’s Speedway.
Jim McKeonHired for his expertise in machining parts. He helps to keep the parts inventory up for building frames. He is also proficient at taking phone orders and handling counter sales. Jim is also in charge of unpacking all incoming UPS deliveries.
Robert CrawfordResident welder. Helps in the 250 and 600 frame department, assists in repairs, and welds anything needed in inventory. You can find him at Linda’s Speedway racing a 270cc weekly.

2016 Point Champions

  • Brandon Shipley
    Airport Speedway - 125cc
  • Scott Soder
    I-76 Speedway - 270cc
  • Todd Reusser
    Deerfield Raceway - 270cc
  • Brandon Edgar
    Greenwood Valley Action Track - 270cc
  • Brandon Edgar
    Shellhammer's Speedway - 270cc wingless
  • Scott Soder
    Colorado Motorsports Park - 270cc
  • William Manotti
    Lanco Speedway - 125cc
  • Mike Rutherford
    Lanco Speedway - 270cc
  • Lee Reinhardt
    Airport Speedway - 270cc
  • Matt Jones
    Rockfish Speedway - 270cc
  • Paul Richards Jr
    Hamlin Speedway - 270cc
  • Dan Lane
    Lanco Speedway - Sportsman
  • Devin Harron
    Linda's Speedway - 270cc
  • Shawn Freeland
    USAC National 270 Champion
  • Shawn Freeland
    Limerock Speedway - 270cc
  • Steven Cox
    Mason Dixon Series - 270cc
  • Mike Boyer
    Path Valley Speedway Park - 270cc
  • Eddie Strada
    Action Track USA - 600cc
  • Chad Myers
    Trail-Way Speedway - 270cc
  • Levi Vial
    Selinsgrove Raceway Park - 125cc
  • Roman Jones
    Mercer Raceway Park - Jr Sprint
  • Zach Hollinger
    Linda's Speedway - 125cc