Sunday, September 25, 2016

Welcome to RTS Chassis, Inc.

Your One Stop Micro Shop

From frame repairs, axle repairs, pipe repairs, engine rebuilding, crank work, cylinder repair, to a complete rolling chassis race ready, we can accommodate all your racing needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call us anytime at 1-610-926-9876.

RTS Chassis, Inc.

5103B Pottsville Pike
Reading, PA 19605-9729

Phone: 610.926.9876
Fax: 610.926.1776
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shop Hours: Starting December 1st, 2015

9am to 8pm

Wednesday - Thursday

9am to 4pm

9am to 12pm

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2015 Point Champions

  • Kenny Andreas
    Airport Speedway - 270cc
  • Kyle Melvin
    Airport Speedway - 600cc winged
  • Ryan Heim
    Airport Speedway - 125cc
  • Ryan Fredericks
    Deerfield Raceway - 270cc
  • Tommy Kunsman Jr
    Greenwood Valley Action Track - 270cc
  • John Roberts
    Greenwood Valley Action Track -125cc
  • Colin White
    Hamlin Speedway - 600cc wingless
  • Pat Bealer
    Hamlin Speedway - 270cc
  • Bob Garvey Jr
    Hummingbird Speedway - 270cc
  • Eddie Nocera
    Lanco Speedway - 4 stroke
  • Mike Rutherford
    Lanco Speedway - 270cc
  • Toby Blumenshine
    Lanco Speedway - Sportsman
  • Bradley Brown
    Linda's Speedway - 270cc
  • Steve Whary
    Linda's Speedway - 600cc Wingless
  • Brianna Gerhart
    Linda's Speedway - 125cc
  • Steve Whary
    Linda's Speedway - 600cc Winged
  • Steven Cox
    Mason Dixon Series - 270cc
  • Cory Myers
    Path Valley Speedway Park - 270cc
  • Jeffrey Weaver
    Racing For Heroes Raceway - 270cc
  • Levi Vial
    Selinsgrove Raceway Park - 125cc
  • Cory Myers
    Trail-Way Speedway - 270cc