Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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2016 Point Champions

  • Brandon Shipley
    Airport Speedway - 125cc
  • Scott Soder
    I-76 Speedway - 270cc
  • Todd Reusser
    Deerfield Raceway - 270cc
  • Brandon Edgar
    Greenwood Valley Action Track - 270cc
  • Brandon Edgar
    Shellhammer's Speedway - 270cc wingless
  • Scott Soder
    Colorado Motorsports Park - 270cc
  • William Manotti
    Lanco Speedway - 125cc
  • Mike Rutherford
    Lanco Speedway - 270cc
  • Dan Lane
    Lanco Speedway - Sportsman
  • Devin Harron
    Linda's Speedway - 270cc
  • Shawn Freeland
    USAC National 270 Champion
  • Shawn Freeland
    Limerock Speedway - 270cc
  • Steven Cox
    Mason Dixon Series - 270cc
  • Mike Boyer
    Path Valley Speedway Park - 270cc
  • Eddie Strada
    Action Track USA - 600cc
  • Chad Myers
    Trail-Way Speedway - 270cc